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Our God is in heaven doing whatever he wants to do.

Psalm 115:3 (MSG)

In our press toward the fulfillment of God’s Word for our lives, our ability to Breathe: New Life in whatever our circumstances may be must be from a position that God can and will do whatever He wants to fulfill His purpose and plan for our lives. There is nothing that can hinder or stop God from His Word becoming flesh, real in our lives and we must take on that attitude as we engage in life and its challenges. Such an attitude that God is in charge and He can do whatever He wishes directs our mind and sight to be sensitive to New Opportunities in our experiences in which God is providing our way of escape, our strategy to overcome whatever exists to inherit His promises for our lives. Remember, your Worship, your living and walking around acknowledgment that God is God, the Lord, and Master of all things and everyone is the very thing that empowers you and everything about you to see and seize the New Opportunities, unforeseen and /or thought of avenues, to make God’s Word for your living flesh, real!


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