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Grace, Mercy, and Peace be unto you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

As Black people, we face crises that demands a response, a pathway that directly addresses the unacknowledged and muted evil of racism, the malignant cancer that permeates our society’s structures and systems. The symptoms of structural and systematic racism, including but not limited to the atrocities of police brutality and the individual as well as collective marginalization of Black people as destructive and dangerous, demands, not a proxy response, but a personal lived experienced narrative. No one can speak to and/or more appropriately drive our narrative like us, the authenticity of our lived experiences informing, shaping, and executing that which will bring us life.

Therefore, to drive our own narrative, we, The Springs will resume our continuing Community Conversations on Racism, Saturdays, 6-7, beginning Saturday, June 6 by Zoom, The Community Conversation on Racism is a constructive conversation among Black people to reclaim our identify and define our pathway forward. Please join us.

In addition, we promote Campaign 7 and 7, a campaign to register, motivate, and ensure Black people, 7 within our state and 7 outside of our state, to vote in the upcoming national elections, November 3, 2020. Please join us.

Further, we support Blackoutday, July 7, 2020, a commitment not to spend any money on that day as a symbolic reminder of the economic power we possess. Please join us.

Finally, we stand with our brothers and sisters who have taken up the challenge to confront the structures and systems of our society through active and peaceful protest. We encourage them, during this COVID-19 pandemic, to be mindful to wear masks, gloves, and take the necessary precautions. We applaud those of us who have committed to protest, for they are us and we are them. Also, we are grateful for their courage, strength, and faithfulness toward justice! Please, let us also support this just cause with our prayers.

Forward and Upward!

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