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Lessons Learned 2023

  1. Change is temporary, transformation is permanent. (Mathis Axiom 123122)

  2. Stop looking for someone else to give you that which only you can give yourself.  (Mathis Axiom 1123)

  3. Revelation is meant to be a shared experience. (Mathis Axiom 1623A)

  4.  Transformation is an internal act and change is external. (Mathis Axiom 1623B)

  5. Sitting in tranquility is a good thing, it allows you to reflect, to clear clutter in order to discern wisdom, insight into your experiences.  (Mathis Axiom 32523)

  6. If you treat relationships as transactional  you can only expect transactional outcomes  (Mathis Axiom 32723)

  7. My problem has been I've been trying to take people with me to the top when they didn't even wanna see me me there!   (Mayfield Axiom 32923)

  8. People, places, and things will not change for you, you have to choose and act accordingly.  (Mathis Axiom 72523) 

  9. You must own your choices, they are yours, not anybody else’s, so do not take misplace your frustration with your choices onto other people, places, and things.  (Mathis Axiom 81423)

  10. God created everyone and everything with a built in flexibility to adjust as required.  Mathis Axiom 8/17/23

  11. You have to know that when God is not in the room, exit. (Craig Axiom 110923

  12. Keep it simple, messy people want to complicate your life because they are trying to make a point that they disagree with your position and they are not happy with theirs - Simple.  (Mathis Axiom 122723)


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