The Ministry of Worship is our vehicle of connection to and reflection of our God that restores us and empowers us, creating a space where God and those who come will meet and hear Him. 

Worship and Praise
The ministry is empowered with the assignment of leading all of our worship experiences into the presence of God.  The Worship and Praise team is more than just a singing aggregation; they are called of God to lead us into worship that comes from within as well as the offering of their gifts in the area of music. 

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The ministry is empowered to serve as the doorkeepers of the House of God.  They assist in maintaining order and decorum during the worship experiences as well as ensuring that worshippers are assisted in securing seating, information, materials, and whatever else is necessary for them to feel at home and comfortable in the House of God. 

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The ministry is empowered with the assignment of greeting all worshippers at The Springs.  In addition, the ministry provides refreshments for designated fellowship affairs.

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The ministry is empowered with the assignment of coordinating, maintaining, producing, and distributing of all media materials.

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Intercessory Prayer
The ministry is empowered with the assignment of under girding and interceding on behalf of the Pastor, The Springs, the members, and others with prayer as well as serving as assistants during Worship Experiences to individuals who respond to altar calls and/or the moving of the Spirit.

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8:00AM and 10:00AM



Pastor's Teaching   12:00PM & 7:00PM

(The Lord's Supper 1st Thursdays)  


Phone: 1-203-497-8101

Fax: 1-866-230-7659


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