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Your very hands have held me and made me who I am; give me more revelation-light so I may learn to please you more.

Psalm 119:73 (TPT)

God as Creator has shaped and formed us for the purpose of revealing Him; being a vessel in which He shines through to all of creation. God built into the world He created a mechanism in which He would be seen and His impact would be felt toward the good; sustaining the fact that what He had created was all good and that mechanism is you and me. You and I, as humanity, the very image of God Himself and the vessel that houses the essence of who He is, have been Chosen to be the very representative of the Creator God to ensure that what He has created would be sustained in His intent. Therefore, life’s challenges have only come to draw us closer to Him so that His light, His intent which is for all things to be good would shine through. The scripture indicates that all creation is waiting on us to live, move, and have our being in our Most Favored Status because we have been Chosen to represent the Creator God so the light of Him and all of the good of His intent is seen in His world.


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