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Then said Micah, Now know I that the Lord will do me good, seeing I have a Levite to my priest.

Judges 17:13

Our experiences of with God become building blocks that allow for us to press forward in what should be for our lives. As we seek to live in the promises of God each and every experience provides a stepping-stone as we seek to Take Possession of God’s promise in that situation, realizing the manifest power of God which fuels our advancement. If you dare to believe what should be and take action, Take Possession of the promise it provides incentive for you to go ahead and Occupy Your Promise. You will never know what is possible if you are not willing to try, to seize the opportunity to Take Possession of God’s promise. Stop allowing your fears, the unknown, or what appears impossible from going forward, Occupy Your Promise and realize the fullness of the power of God. God is good, has been good, and will be good, taste and see!

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