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Praise God, all you peoples. Praise him everywhere and let everyone know you love him! There’s no doubt about it: God holds our lives safely in his hands. He’s the one who keeps us faithfully following him. O Lord, we have passed through your fire; like precious metal made pure, you’ve proved us, perfected us, and made us holy. You’ve captured us, ensnared us in your net. Then, like prisoners, you placed chains around our necks. You’ve allowed our enemies to prevail against us. We’ve passed through fire and flood, yet in the end you always bring us out better than we were before, saturated with your goodness.

Psalm 66:8-12 (TPT)

The positioning of oneself to Receive New Life comes with a set of challenges of which patience and endurance seem to be the more forceful ones, however, do not fret you still can win. Without a doubt, everything has its challenges, especially if you believe you are walking into that which God has promised; the what can and should be for your life. Never think just because you got your “Word,” God Himself instructing you to walk in your pathway eliminates the challenges, actually, you should look for stronger challenges/demons because their intent is to separate and keep you from the fulfillment, revelation of God’s promises. Therefore, you must with your positioning strengthen and cultivate your intimate and personal relationship with God, producing and enlarging your faith, the very fuel to produce patience and endurance. The recent massacres via guns and racism are a great example of the requirement for patience and endurance to Receive New Life. Patience, not with those who support whether indirectly or directly and/or through actions or silence, but instead for those who oppose and understand the impact of guns and violence within our community to be methodical and strategic about our moves for transformation. Our moves for transformation to new life require not only short-term thinking but also long-term thinking for the development of core values, policy, power and/or leverage at the ballot box, etc. We must remember that as we pass through the stuff of our lives to Receive New Life, we must Breathe: New Life, taking in to equip and empower so that we might set anew and release the old, producing the life and life more abundantly promised.

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