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Thursday, May 5, 2022

And what we believe is that the One who raised up the Master Jesus will just as certainly raise us up with you, alive.

II Corinthians 4:14

The key to our ability to Receive New Life is our willingness to believe. Believing that what God has promised will be, must also be fused with the belief that you can do it, despite and in spite of life and the challenges life brings. Believing in your ability to engage and overcome will be the fuel that helps you to be more than a conqueror and seize that which is yours, your life and life more abundantly in your situation. Your actions, to Breathe: New Life is fueled by your belief and as the Word says, as you diligently pursue, God rewards you, fulfilling your unexpressed possibilities that produce His promises for your life. Receive New Life today by believing and acting on that belief, if you can believe God raised Jesus from the dead, He certainly can bring to pass His promise for you to be fruitful and multiply in all things!

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