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Words satisfy the mind as much as fruit does the stomach; good talk is as gratifying as a good harvest.

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.

Proverbs 18:20-21

An essential element for living in the life and life more abundantly, that which you believe should be, rests in your choices. Whether you choose right or left or no choice at all; indecision is a choice, you lay the foundation to what shall be. You cannot only rely on the fact that you have entered a new year and/or situated in a new space for the newness of the year or experience will not land you in the place you should be, you must choose new life and act upon it. What gets you to your expected end or not, lies in the choices you make. Your choices are fueled by your Speaking Over Your Life into existence that which you believe should be. Speaking life to your circumstances opens you up, including your mind, thus creating a magnet, antenna to attract and discern new possibilities which leads to opportunities for what should be. Speak Over Your Life and Breathe: New Life, inhaling and exhaling forcibly to make room for new life, oxygen necessary to expand your lungs, your being and becoming. Speak to your self and your space and command the inhaling of the new and exhaling of the old, all things falling in line with what you believe should be for your life. Your words matter to your ability to imagine and conceive the new and it will produce the necessary fruit that empowers you to live, Breathe: New Life.


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