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Come, ye children, hearken unto me:

I will teach you the fear of the LORD.

What man is he that desireth life,

and loveth many days, that he may see good?

Psalm 34:11-12

The key to our achieving God’s desire for our abundance, to be fruitful and multiply in and through all things, is our ability to want it enough that we would come to God our Father as His children. The Father-child relationship is one in which the Father provides and pours out wisdom, experience, and teaching unto His child for the purposes of their growth, maturity, and excelling in that which is destined for their lives. We must come to God our Father and in our coming to Him receive His instructions and walk worthy of the Most Favored Status we have because of our relationship. Spend time building, nurturing, and sustaining your relationship with God our Father and as His child glean, soak up as much of Him, His Word, wisdom, and instruction and soar to your potential to be fruitful and multiply in and through all things!


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