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“I have spoken to you using figurative language, but the time is coming when I will no longer teach you with veiled speech, but I will teach you about the Father with your eyes unveiled. And I will not need to ask the Father on your behalf, for you’ll ask him directly because of your new relationship with me. For the Father tenderly loves you, because you love me and believe that I’ve come from God.

John 16:25-27 (TPT)

As we receive God’s Word for our lives as made real through Jesus as God’s incarnate Word, we open ourselves up for receiving how God has Loved us both in the gift of Jesus and as a result of our choosing to love Christ. Our loving Christ is the evidence of being Loved by God before we were ever known. God Loved us so much that before we were created God knew we could mess up His intent for our abundant life and thus, created a way, the sacrifice of His only begotten Son, for our reconciliation to yet have a way back to God’s intent. Therefore, Jesus, the incarnate Word of God, the manifestation of God’s love towards us is revealed, made known, real in our lives to give us a Most Favored Status; engaging life from a position in which we always have a way to be at one with God’s intent.


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