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Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.

Colossians 4:5

Critical to advancing in the promises of God for our lives is your ability to Reframe Your Issues, challenging you to weigh the elements of your issues and then to exercise wisdom in your strategy and plan to overcome them. If you are to Reframe Your Issues, you must have a perspective in which you are a winner, an overcomer through the Spirit of the Creator God who equipped you for the experiences of your life and thus, understand that your issues are simply gateways for your empowerment to Soar. Without question, the issues of your life will be challenging, however, because you are a winner, you engage your issues with a confidence that they have not come to hurt or harm you but instead to prosper you. Therefore, engage and Reframe Your Issues by weighing your options and then with the wisdom of God’s Spirit leading and guiding you, decide, make the appropriate choice that reflects God’s will for your life and then execute. Go ahead and takeoff, Soar, you will be fueled as a result of the Spirit of God activated in you and flow in the Spirit of God's guidance, causing you to rise, overcoming and inheriting all things, all power.



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