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That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving,

and tell of all thy wondrous works.

Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house,

and the place where thine honour dwelleth.

Psalm 26:7-8

Our relationship, intimate relationship with God, feeds our Power Of Ownership of life and life more abundantly, God’s Word for our lives. God’s Word for our lives is the basis of us moving and having our being, to Catch The Wind of God’s Spirit in this thing called life. Being caught up, carried, and flowing in the Spirit of God is the only way we are empowered to overcome what appears to be the impossible challenges of life and yet be and exist in the promises of God. The challenges, confusion, traffic of life is overwhelming, no need to deny it; it is real but the God of our promise, the source of our life and life more abundantly is greater and able to deliver us, not just when things appear manageable or doable but also the unknown, uncertainty and undoable of life. God is our strong tower, our light in darkness, our rock in a weary land! We need not fear or accept things as they are, choose today to live, believe and act on that belief with the wind of God’s Spirit blowing and you flowing right into the pathway of life as God has called, predestined, justified, and glorified. Just let your request to live be made known unto God, own it with thanksgiving and the God of peace, of His purpose and will for your abundant life, will give you peace that surpasseth all understanding. Habitat, live with God, each and every day in your everyday walking around experiences and Catch The Wind and you will be empowered from within the Power Of Ownership, dwelling and overcoming all things to your life and lifer more abundantly.

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