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For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

Romans 11:29

God has given unto us gifts and calling and has declared that it is ours. The gifts and calling God has so graciously imparted to you is without repentance. God poured out to you, graciously and unconditionally, as a part of His overall purpose and plan for all creation and He has not and does not regret it. Knowing ourselves and who we are, really, should generate a sense of gratitude to God in which we are willing participants, co-creators with Him for the life and life more abundantly promised. As a result of God graciously and without repentance pouring out to us is the foundation of our ability to exercise the Power Of Giving as the visible representation of God in the world. We may have hesitations and/or shortcoming as a result of our flesh, however, God has given us a grantor, the Spirit of God abiding within to ensure that we are strengthen even in our weaknesses. Catch The Wind of God, His Spirit, and as it blows in our lives, flow with Him and let His outpouring pour out on one another and in our entire space and the world. Blowing and flowing with God demands that even in difficult and unpredictable times to Worship God, stay in intimate relationship with Him and who He is, to ensure that you receive, embrace, and exercise His Power Of Giving. Catch The Wind of God with all of who you are and who God is and flow, Catch The Wind, God does not lie nor does He repent from His Word, He is and will blow us right into life and life more abundantly!

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