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Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

Isaiah 60:1

The Power Of Staying Connected provides us the light of God in and over our lives, illuminating the path of life and life more abundantly promised by God. Plug in to God and turn on the power in whatever is before you and God illuminates your path, through and over whatever it is before you, making you an overcomer to inherit His promises, His Word made flesh, real in your life. The light of God shines in and through all things and as a result the blowing of His wind, Spirit makes the way out and empowers you stand up under whatever it is that stands in your way. Catch The Wind of God’s Spirit with His power operating in you turning on the light of salvation, deliverance while also blowing and making your way of escape and pointing you through your door of promise. Remember, that God has worked out everything for the good for them that loves Him and are called according to His purpose, plug in and turn on the light, the power of God and His Word will be made real, flesh in their lives!

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