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Let me be weighed in an even balance, that God may know mine integrity.

Job 31:6

As we seek to Build Capacity in our lives to embrace and receive the promises of God, it requires our honest and candid self-reflection. God challenges you and I to be totally naked before Him, laying it all before Him so that we cannot just be honest with God, He already knows, but honest with ourselves so we may see opportunities of growth and direction. The challenge and difficulties of our lives are not come to hurt or harm us but instead to prosper us, for us to have insight in opportunities in which God can and will be glorified, revealed in our lives as move and flow in His purpose and plan. God has promised to not forsake or leave us, walk daily with God, fully exposed, and He will show us the path of life, open up to us opportunities to explore that will assist in our discovering God and HIs purpose and plan, fulfillment of His promises, for our lives to LIVE.


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