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Quench not the Spirit.

I Thessalonians 5:19

To appropriately Drive Your Narrative requires the indwelling and sensitivity to the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God. God, our Creator, blew into each of us the essence of Him that makes us living souls, the power to LIVE in and through all circumstances to the life and life more abundantly promised. God thought of everything in our creation, including the possibilities of danger and pitfalls that could hinder us from living fully in His promises by giving us Him, His power that is with us and in us. The power of the Spirit within you has a divine purpose of leading and guiding you on the path God has ordained for you to LIVE. Quench not, strain not, ignore not the Spirit of God which is in you, despite and in spite of you and your inabilities, shortcomings, or circumstances. The Spirit has been given to you to empower you from within to Drive Your Narrative in order to LIVE the life and life more abundantly in which God promised and sealed with the offering of His Son as a sacrifice for you, making up the difference for what you may not have and/or what stands in your way. The more sensitive you are to God’s Spirit in you, leading and guiding, the more your are empowered to overcome and inherit all things to LIVE!


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