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Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:11

The year of 2019 is our year to LIVE, meaning to be dead to whatever separates you from the promises of God for your life and alive to the possibilities and opportunities provided by God. No matter what your circumstance looks like or appears to be, it is God’s opportunity to reveal Himself and he power and promise within and for you in order for you to Live Fully. The possibilities that lie in your circumstance has absolutely nothing to do with whether it appears to come from God, right, or good it has everything to do with your attitude and view. This year we must take on the attitude of celebration, even of the small things, for it is our year of Jubilee, release from all and anything and in so doing we can see better the possible in and for our life. In your celebrating what God is doing , despite and in spite of your circumstances releases you from the clutter and frustration of what is not right and darkness of your circumstances to see possibilities. The rightness and wrongness is only a set up for you see in your circumstance God’s opportunity and in it as you celebrate God doors are visible and available, open for you to walk in every promise of God for your life. Release yourself to see possibilities and seize your opportunities for God has released you from any thing and everything that could prevent and/or hinder your progression in His life and life more abundantly promised, LIVE in 2019!


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