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Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defence. The God of my mercy shall prevent me:

God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.

Psalm 59:9-10

Transformational Living creates a tension, externally and internally, that often will challenge us to return to the status quo, a place of comfort. The tensions have come to try and test you to the what should be for your life and how bad do you want it will make the determination if you will go through in order to get to. Tensions, even in our appropriate walk, living with God do not just dissipate because but instead challenges our endurance so that we become comfortable to that which God has intended and develops our willingness to believe, have faith. It is during the endurance in which our life, springs of life-giving water is drawn out and we receive major deposits, experiences that help us to know God. Knowing God is the key to eternal life and knowing not just the power of His resurrection but also the power of His suffering. The tensions may be great but know that as you wait; believe and keep pressing toward the what should be, the mark of the higher calling, you will be victorious, overcoming and inheriting all things. Occupy Your Promise today no matter the tensions your Transformational Living will create, it is the process to inherit, build out your well-lived and joy filled life!

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