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He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass:

as showers that water the earth.

Psalm 72:6

In God we have restoration from whatever exists seeking to drain or detract us from the fulfillment of God’s promises for our lives. God through Christ is our Emmanuel, God with us, and with the manifestation of His Spirit in our lives and controlling, we are forever one with God. Therefore, even through we may disappoint God and choose options that would separate us from Him, God always has a way of escape for us and awaits our return to restore us to full rights and privileges of our oneness with Him. Although life and its challenges will deplete us and leave us feeling lifeless, God like the rain comes and restores us, giving us health and wholeness to go forward in that which is His promises. The God with us releases His presence, power, and promises, the Holy Ghost-God our Sustainer, in our lives to convict us that we would seek God’s face and rise above the fray of our circumstances to see and seize the opportunities of advancement in the promises of God in which He is revealed. Pursue, Catch The Wind of God’s Spirit, the Holy Ghost-God our Sustainer, and be released into the pathway of our joy and promises, receiving power to be His witness, to Tell It. Go forward today, despite and in spite of your feeling drained of life and separated from God to Catch The Wind of His Spirit and flow, releasing His rain over your life to turn your circumstances for the good, for your abundance and His glory, and Tell It!


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