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The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich,

and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Proverbs 10:22

Breathe: New Life to your circumstances by the way you define the relationship between yourself and your circumstances. The main determining factor for your overcoming your circumstances is how you approach them. If you choose to see your circumstances as the driver of your narrative, the circumstance will define you, the relationship, and the outcome. However, if you refuse to be defined by your circumstance and reclaim your truth in the circumstance, you become the driver and definer of your outcome. The truth of your situation is that you are blessed and even though the circumstance appear not to confirm it, you are, Inhale and seek your blessing, taking the authority God has given to you to live, overcoming and inheriting all things. In order to successfully take back the reins of your circumstances, you must be both confident and courageous, acting with boldness to exercise your God-given authority to drive your own narrative. The confidence and courage required must be cultivated and fed, therefore, you must be intentional about creating your atmosphere, space that is conducive to nurturing and feeding you to achieve that which you believe can and should be. Seek to fill your atmosphere with people, places, and things that strengthen, stretch, and mature you in that which can and should be for your life thus, fueling your confidence and courage because you choose to Inhale and Breathe: New Life.


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