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But Judah shall dwell for ever,

and Jerusalem from generation to generation.

Joel 3:20

God establishes, sets in place, us and His blessings for our lives and there is absolutely nothing that can stop or hinder God’s blessings flowing to and for us but us. Therefore, as we recognize and embrace the fact that God has set our life and life abundantly in place as well as us; our ability and constant equipping to handle any and all things in order to Soar and Accelerate in His blessings, we win in overflow. Lean into your experiences and seek the blessings of God in all of your experiences, the good and the bad, and as you do, God pours out the exceedingly, abundantly, more than you can ever ask or think by the power working in you. Remember, as you lean in you praise God, the meaning of Judah, for your experiences and as a result God’s blessings come down, flowing in and through your life!



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