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But the Lord has paid for the freedom of his servants, and he will freely pardon those who love him. He will declare them free and innocent when they turn to hide themselves in him.

Psalm 34:22 (TPT)

We have been granted the privilege to be free, not simply of our own accord but in combination with the Lord, who has paid for our freedom and invites us to embrace our freedom and live free.  No matter what adversities you face, including guilt and shame, Free Yourself, your freedom has been paid for and given to you simply because you choose to love the Lord, accept His gift, and diligently pursue His promises for your life and life more abundantly.  Free Yourself from whatever hinders or blocks your path to your life and life more abundantly, and get up and take action to Open Up The Way, your freedom to do so and abundance has been paid for, it is just waiting on you to claim it for your own!


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