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They conquered him completely through the blood of the Lamb and the powerful word of his testimony. They triumphed because they did not love and cling to their own lives, even when faced with death.

Revelation 12:11 (TPT)

To have Loved in your circumstances more than yourself positions you to gain all power, overcoming and inheriting all things that should be for your life and life more abundantly. When we choose not to allow the circumstances of our lives to drive our narrative but instead our promise, our grit to diligently pursue what we believe should be, even though it may appear not so is what makes us more than conquerors. As more than conquerors, we clear the field of distractions and obstacles to gain fuel that empowers us to overcome. You have the power to walk in your Most Favored Status, a position in which God’s grace, favor over your life is sufficient for you to engage and overcome whatever may exist because you Loved the Promiser and your promise more than you Loved your own life and comfortability. You, we, receive all power because we choose to have Loved our promise and the promisor more than the distractions and obstacles to the fulfillment of God’s promises for our lives!


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