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For God says: "To the mutilated who keep my Sabbaths and choose what delights me and keep a firm grip on my covenant, I'll provide them an honored place in my family and within my city, even more honored than that of sons and daughters. I'll confer permanent honors on them that will never be revoked.

Isaiah 56:4-5 (MSG)

God knew and knows the experiences of your life before they or you ever engaged and as a result, has well-prepared you to navigate the experiences for your advantage and His purpose and plan for your life. If we are willing to believe that God Loved us before we ever loved Him and thus He has ordered our steps; He knew and knows, we can overcome anything and do so with the promise, covenant of God, that enables us to win. The fact that God Loved us before we ever existed assures us that what He created us for, He thought through it from the beginning until the end; He is Alpha and Omega, and because He knew and knows we are positioned from a place of strength. Our position of strength is the evidence of our Most Favored Status, therefore, walk worthy of your vocation, God’s purpose and plan for your life, by choosing to believe and fully engage your life and challenges with God’s presence, power, and promises!


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