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What is man, that thou shouldest magnify him?

and that thou shouldest set thine heart upon him?

And that thou shouldest visit him every morning,

and try him every moment?

Job 7:17-18

We are the Crown Of His Glory because God has chosen us to invest His presence, power, and promises in and through our lives so that the world may know and have direct access to Him. God chose humankind to have dominion, power, and authority, to ensure that His creation along with themselves are situated such that they can be fruitful and multiply, showcasing the abundance of God and His blessings for life and life more abundantly to and for all. In God choosing us, He does not force us to choose Him and His way but instead gives us the free will to choose and represent Him. If we choose death and curses, it is not God’s fault it is ours, for God does everything; continuous thoughts toward us for our prosperity, care for us despite and in spite of blame and/or condemnation, and every morning He provides and makes available new mercy. God chose us and gives us free will to choose Him and as we choose Him, He shines brightly and overwhelmingly in and through us, the Crown Of His Glory. Choose life and blessings by choosing God and being His visible, present, walking around representative, your Most Favored Status, shining and promoting His loving creativity, redemption, and sustainability for life and blessings to all of His creation.


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