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For great is thy mercy toward me:

and thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell.

Psalm 86:13

We are blessed beyond measure not because of what we have done or can do but instead because of the mercy of God that is greater and more than we would ever deserve. It is God’s compassion and love for us, despite and in spite of our failings and choices that lead us away from His intent for our lives, that we are not consumed. To be honest, we sometimes are so intent to have our own way we forge ahead, with speed, down pathways of eventual destruction rather than turn over our life to the leading and guiding of God's Spirit. We knowingly, and sometimes unknowingly reject the New Mercies of God for and in our experiences for what we believe is our better knowledge and will for our lives. However, God patiently and lovingly awaits our coming to ourselves and when we do, He makes New Mercies available to and for us in order to Breathe: New Life.


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