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I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee,

and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles;

To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison,

and t hem that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another,

neither my praise to graven images. Behold, the former things are come to pass,

and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.

Isaiah 42:6-9

The wind of God, His Spirit, blowing in our lives lifts us beyond the circumstances of our experiences to the path of fulfillment of God’s promises that ensures that all things work together for our good. Living life on the surface of your circumstances can confuse, if not prevent you from seeing what is yours, your promise from God to have dominion over all His creation and to be fruitful and multiply. We must be determined to see beyond the circumstances to God’s promise fulfilled, actively moving and flowing in the Spirit of God’s promises. God has commanded your life and life more abundantly, not just to you but to all His creation, Elevate yourself; your thinking, seeing, and acting to your place of promise. You and I will never achieve the joy-filled life that is ours wandering around on the surface of things, Elevate yourself and Catch The Wind of God. Exercise your God-given authority and command the wind to blow, positioning yourself to get caught up and you will discover the new, the promise in your circumstances with your way made plain; out, over, and beyond what is to what should be declared by God. In the wind of God, His Spirit, you are lifted, Elevated to the place of promise in which you can see your circumstances transforming from the old into the new, springing forth into your joy-filled life, the life and life more abundantly promised by God.

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