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In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me.

Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips,

and from a deceitful tongue.

Psalm 120:1-2

The act of Visioneering begins with receiving a mental impression of what could or should be for you life. Often that comes right out of the midst of the chaos and confusion we experience in life. I would suggest that distresses are God’s way of shaking up our space so that we would be attentive to God and the moving and flowing of His Spirit. Whatever God calls you to challenges you to continue to grow, maturing in the fullness of who He is. Sometimes we become too comfortable in where we are and we find it easier just to remain and thus become desensitize to the move and flow of God. The troubles, distress of your life did not come to hurt or to harm you but instead to get you to your expected end. God will not leave your soul in hell or cause you to be corrupted but instead will show you the path of life, in His presence is the fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures for evermore. Know that the end result of all of our calling, purpose, promises are to be right where God is. God is constantly moving and He uses the distress of life as opportunities to stretch you into greater possibilities of knowing and being one with Him, fully embracing and living in your promise, Occupying Your Promise!

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