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The whole community was in an uproar, wailing all night long. All the People of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron. The entire community was in on it: “Why didn’t we die in Egypt? Or in this wilderness? Why has God brought us to this country to kill us? Our wives and children are about to become plunder. Why don’t we just head back to Egypt? And right now!” Soon they were all saying it to one another: “Let’s pick a new leader; let’s head back to Egypt.” Moses and Aaron fell on their faces in front of the entire community, gathered in emergency session. Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, members of the scouting party, ripped their clothes and addressed the assembled People of Israel: “The land we walked through and scouted out is a very good land—very good indeed. If God is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land, a land that flows, as they say, with milk and honey. And he’ll give it to us. Just don’t rebel against God! And don’t be afraid of those people. Why, we’ll have them for lunch! They have no protection and God is on our side. Don’t be afraid of them!”

Numbers 14:1-9 (The Message)

Taking Possession is a challenge for us to take a risk from that, which is familiar to that which is unknown. Rooted in the unknown is fear and often is the greatest detriment to us moving into the new, into our promise, into that which should be for our lives. By no means do I suggest that we should just take risks and not consider the consequences, the consequences matters and demands payment. However, if you are charting a course to build out a well lived and joy filed life you must be willing to try stuff. To try stuff means weighing the value and whether or not it leads you toward your desired outcome. Most of us want the promise but we want the promise in our comfortable zone, which in essence destroys the promise for what will be and should be, cannot exist in what is. The fear of the unknown challenges us to consider the past and only the good of the past, which convinces to think and act in regressive behavior. The very reason you have vision, desiring a different outcome than what exist is because what is, is not working, therefore, avoid regressive behavior and advance your cause even if you are not totally convinced that what should be will. Sense the direction of the God Creator and take the risk going forward affirming His promises for your life. The Israelites had a promise of a land flowing with milk and honey and had evidence that it was just as God said, however, fear of what existed in the land prevented them from Taking Possession. Fear always makes things small look big and impossible, but where you have been and where you are now is testimony you can win and overcome. We are well able because God is with us to overcome whatever is before us and Take Possession of our promise and embrace the fullness of that promise, living, Occupying Our Promise!

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