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Of this man's seed hath God according to his promise raised unto Israel a Saviour, Jesus:

Acts 13:23

All things are possible with God! The very story, journey of Jesus in the flesh reveals that even me, you and I, can be raised from the dead of our situations and even our selves to the life and life more abundantly promised. The importance of the coming of Jesus, this advent season, is God’s signal to humankind that He can and will work through and in all things, even in the flesh. Further Jesus reveals that we too have a Divine nature manifested in The Spirit activate in our lives and the more we are consumed by it, it counters the flesh so that we receive power to possess the life and life more abundantly promised. It is from the human seed connected to our Divine nature in which we are enabled to overcome and inherit the promises of God. Let’s Go In to our Divine nature, Living in The Spirit to combat that which is before us to possess the promise of life and life more abundantly, despite and in spite of circumstances and us!

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