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As you celebrate this Christmas please remember why there is a Christmas. Christmas is rooted in what we call the Advent season, the coming of Christ, the promise, the Anointed One. Christ came that we would be saved, delivered from the life we know to the life that should be as promised by God, life and life more abundantly!

Jesus, which means He saves, appropriately translated He delivers has come that you and I, our community, the world would be delivered from the status quo to the abundant life God declared, prepared, and freely gives. Do not be deceived by what is or even the limitations of what you can see or conceive right now, Jesus has come to deliver us from what is to what should be in our lives, our community, and our world.

As you celebrate this Christmas, celebrate the transformation of our thinking, thus our vision for our lives, community, and world. Christ, who is the manifestation of God, is to big to be contained in what is or what is perceived as possible. Christ’s coming has made all things possible for you, our community, and our world to be that which God has intended despite and in spite of people, places or things! Let’s Go In to the enormous abundant life waiting for us to conceive and embrace!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Mathis

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