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Then on the most important day of the feast, the last day, Jesus stood and shouted out to the crowds—“All you thirsty ones, come to me! Come to me and drink! Believe in me so that rivers of living water will burst out from within you, flowing from your innermost being, just like the Scripture says!” Jesus was prophesying about the Holy Spirit that believers were being prepared to receive. But the Holy Spirit had not yet been poured out upon them, because Jesus had not yet been unveiled in his full splendor.

John 7:37-39 (TPT)

Without question, God’s intent for you and me, for all of us, is to be saved, and what He offers is Himself, in total, to assist us and give us power from within to navigate life and its challenges, overcoming and inheriting all things. God, the Creator of all things, intent for creation is for us to enjoy the abundance of it all, and in our enjoying, we Share Him, a God who willingly pours out His Spirit upon us so that His breath, wind, Spirit, already inside of us will come alive and flow. The choice is yours and mine, therefore, as thirsty as you are for God’s outpouring, the more He will pour out on you, quenching your thirst and stimulating the rise of His power already inside of you to accomplish all things, even the impossible because of your Most Favored Status.


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