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Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,

and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105

Navigating life as well as its challenges is more than a notion, often we will say to ourselves, ” If it ain’t one thang, it’s another,” to express our frustration with life and its challenges as they keep on coming. Although we may be frustrated most of us seem to cling on to life waiting on and/or trying to make the change necessary to get over whatever it is and find a place of rest, peace, and contentment with life. Our place of rest, peace, and contentment sounds easy and simple but is often elusive, and to Expose, to turn on the light to our path of life, we need the Word of God. God’s Word has been sent to us to move us from the frustration of life to the reality of God’s promises for our life and life more abundantly. God desires to lead you and me through life as well as its challenges to a place of overcoming to inherit all things, a Most Favored Status. Thus, God gives us His Word to Expose our direction and make our way plain, our pathway of life to our fullness of joy and at His right hand, pleasures forever more.


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