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Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity,

and sow wickedness, reap the same.

By the blast of God they perish,

and by the breath of his nostrils are they consumed.

Job 4:8-9

A foundational rule of nature is whatever you sow, you will reap, what you plant, you put into your space will definitely yield back to you as your harvest. You can not expect to sow and plant evil and expect good to return to you as a harvest, which implies you have a choice and if you choose to sow, put into your space that which is evil, destructive, negative then you have chosen your harvest. Today, choose to Expose the evil, destructive, negative, flowing in and out of your life and self-correct, bring into alignment with God’s promises for your life and life more abundantly. Do not fret that whatever exists flowing in or out of you will cause you to feel naked and ashamed, fearful before God, God knew and knows and has prepared a way for you, a covering so that you will be able to stand up under it all. You have a Most Favored Status choose God’s grace for your life and self-correct, align with His purpose and plan and He will show you the pathway of life, in His Presence there is the fullness of joy, and at His right-hand pleasures forevermore.


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