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And by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people; (and they were all with one accord in Solomon's porch. And of the rest durst no man join himself to them: but the people magnified them. And believers were the more added to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women.)

Acts 5:12-14

Our intentionality toward the promises of God for our lives is supported by the development and operation of an adequate and strong infrastructure. The promise of the life and life more abundantly is assured but can and will be under attack and to weather the attack to our intentional move toward our promises is to put in place necessary infrastructure. The infrastructure we build will support the journey toward the glory, revelation, miracles God has promised for our lives. Building out our well-lived and joy filled life demands that we build the necessary, temporary and permanent, support systems that moves us forward to accomplish and access God’s promises. Transformational Leadership is the exercise of our authority to bring all things necessary under our control and to leverage them for our fruitfulness and multiplication that allows for an insightful building of both temporary and long term infrastructure. Occupy Your Promise by building an adequate and strong infrastructure to support your building out, advancing in the promises of God for your life!

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