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Also unto thee, O Lord, belongeth mercy: for thou renderest to every man according to his work.

Psalm 62:12

Our struggle to unite with God to Co-Create with Him our promise of life and life more abundantly is often hindered because of our lack of self-esteem and incorrect notion that we must some how be perfect; it is not so. We often struggle with our inadequacies based on the things we face and false teaching that it is only in our perfection God works on our behalf, it is not true and is a lie from the pit of hell. God does not require our perfection in order to work with us or for us. Jesus was given so that our imperfections and inadequacies are covered and compensated for because of our faith and diligence to believe God in the midst of what we face, internally and externally. God shows mercy to us if we are yet willing to believe and strive toward what is His promise for our lives. Jesus’ blood has paid it all and all we need is to strive for the perfection in our lives, walking circumspectfully with Him, doing justice and loving mercy. God invites you to Co-Create with Him so that you might grow into your promise and relationship with Him and His Word for your life, serving Him and being His witness. God never asked you to be perfect but instead a willing vessel to be used by Him and to seek Him and His way for your life. Occupy Your Promise, God makes up for your shortcomings with His mercy and already shed blood for you to win, to overcome and inherit all things, the promise of a well-lived and joy filled life that honors Him.

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