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I’ve told you these things to prepare you for rough times ahead. They are going to throw you out of the meeting places. There will even come a time when anyone who kills you will think he’s doing God a favor. They will do these things because they never really understood the Father. I’ve told you these things so that when the time comes and they start in on you, you’ll be well-warned and ready for them. I didn’t tell you this earlier because I was with you every day. But now I am on my way to the One who sent me. Not one of you has asked, ‘Where are you going?’ Instead, the longer I’ve talked, the sadder you’ve become.

John 16:1-6 (MSG)

Whatever you believe the purpose and plan for your life to be, you must know that in order for it to be accomplished there will be resistance. The resistance to you living on purpose attempts to separate you from what you believe should be; the outcome of your life’s purpose and plan. In Biblical understanding, that which separates you from your expected end; that which God has declared for your life, His Word, is sin. Sin is not conquered easily, it has no limitations and often goes undetected until it looms large and powerful, it is rooted in deception and operates in darkness, seeking by any means necessary to steal, kill, and destroy - know it for what it is. The resistance, thus can only be met with the strength that empowers from within, releasing as necessary to combat an enemy that has no allegiance to natural boundaries or concrete definitions of what is and/or what shall be. Remember, the enemy of possessing and enjoying abundant living is not flesh and blood but evil, darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places and for you to combat such a fluid and undefined resistance, you must take not he Spirit of God which lies within you, making you alive. Activate the power of God within you and live, even in the press, resistance of life by allowing the Spirit of God to lift you, encouraging you in the midst of your resistance to Soar. As God’s Spirit lifts you, encourages you in your resistance, you are better able to see, be enlighten in your circumstances to seize God’s opportunities to expand, increase rapidly in the accomplishment of your life’s purpose and plan. Activate your power of the Spirt of God, overcoming the resistance of life’s challenges which seek to separate you from your God-given right and ability to Soar in and through all things!



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