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For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remain in it.

Proverbs 2:21

The ability to sustain our growth and possession of the promises of God for our lives can and does create anxiety. Our anxiety stemming from how we will be able to sustain the abundance of God’s blessing on our lives, especially if we are honest with ourselves, will dampen, if not kill our joy as God’s blessings are made real in our lives. God’s blessings in your life, His gifts are perfect and it is not rooted in how good and/or perfect you are but instead in His grace, unmerited favor to you, revealing His glory and thus is not only up to you to sustain God's blessings in your life.. Nevertheless, we all feel in our natural state that somehow we are not worthy and we will mess up, we are not but God is and He has promised us and thus will support and sustain us in His revealed blessings in our lives.. It is not about our perfectness but instead about our perfecting in that which God has called us and as a result we are rewarded to enjoy and be sustained in that which God has promised. Our ability to Soar must be coupled with our ability to Activate God's Spirit, our Sustainer, and as a result rise, growing and possessing in His promises, as well as being sustained in them as we diligently pursue HIs calling on our lives in its full potential. Perfecting our lives in God’s calling is our power in which we Activate the Spirit of God, relying on His Spirit to undergird us; spreading our wings to our full potential in which God sustains us to fully enjoy His promises. Remember, it is in our weaknesses in which God’s strength is made perfect. As you diligently seek God, in that which He has ordained for your life, His Spirit will be readily available to you to Soar, lifting and sustaining you as you are perfecting His will, the higher calling of God for your life.



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