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He’s the Anointed One who offered himself as the sacrifice for our sins! He has rescued us from this evil world system and set us free, just as our Father God desired.

Galatians 1:4 (TPT)

Life is not always fair and it actually sometimes can be evil and evil intent but do not fret, Breathe: New Life and receive your Deliverance, a gift of freedom to you from God. According to the Scriptures before the world and you existed, Jesus had already been slain, thus, when God thought of our creation and our lives He had already created a plan for us to be free, Delivered from whatever would bind us in life. The Anointed One, the One who has been assigned to ensure our Deliverance, willing does so so that you and I would have the right, privilege, to life and life more abundantly. Do not allow what your life’s challenges may be, evil as they seem, to bind you, you have already won. Establish your Word of truth as your goal and press toward it, and all along the way Breathe: New Life; walk and act in your prearranged Deliverance and receive the exceedingly, abundantly, more than you can ever ask or think by the power of your Word of truth acting out in you!


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