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Thursday, March 3, 2022

As wisdom increases, a great treasure is imparted, greater than many bars of refined gold.

Proverbs 3:14 (TPT)

To Breathe: New Life brings in the new, the materials necessary to build, cultivate, and energize you toward living in the fulfillment of your life and life more abundantly, assisting you to take on a spirit of overcoming. However, for the intake of the Spirit that transforms and overcomes your circumstances, the way must be cleared for the Spirit to take up residence in our lungs, thus maximizing our capacity to Exhale. Exhale releases the toxicity, the excess baggage we are carrying that stands in the way of our ability to overcome and transform our lives and circumstances into that which can and shall be, live in our maximum potential. Wisdom is the power of our experiences working together for our good rest in our ability to make out of our experiences that promote maximum potential, creating a cache of lived experiences, wisdom. Therefore, as opportunities to receive wisdom increase toward the outcome for our life and life more abundantly, God’s word for our lives is revealed as truth and the untruths of our lives with its toxicity and excess baggage are released. Thus, Breathe: New Life and as we Exhale, we make room for lived experiences to transform and overcome our circumstances, pressing and building our way forward to living in God’s word for our lives, living at our maximum potential!

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