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Also, O Judah, there is a harvest [of divine judgment] appointed for you,

When I restore the fortunes of My people [who have been slaves to the misery of sin].

Hosea 6:11 AMP

Moving and flowing in the pathway of life God has ordained provides you the assurance that along the way you loose nothing that is not restored to you in abundance as God promised. Often we will make decisions based on the fact that we do not wish to loose something and/or afraid that if we make the wrong choice we will loose something that we cherish or feel we cannot or do not want to be without. Remember, the devil, evil, darkness is a deceiver, cluttering your view so you cannot see the truth or possibilities and opportunities available for greater and thus handicapping you to your fears. However, God via His Spirit leads and guides you along the pathway that brings you to the fullness of joy in your life in which you may or may not see in the natural completely, nevertheless in the Spirit your victory is visible and rewarding. It is the Spirit that makes the difference, ensuring that you are fully equipped, including with God’s presence, power, and promises to navigate what is before you, elevating you above the natural into the spiritual in which you loose nothing, but instead gain everything, your abundant Harvest. Catch The Wind of God’s Spirit and flow into your Harvest, the pathway is made clear and whatever you believe you will loose will be restored to you in abundance!


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