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No one can deny it—God is really good to Israel and to all those with pure hearts.

But I nearly missed seeing it for myself.  Here’s my story: I narrowly missed losing it all.

I was stumbling over what I saw the wicked doing.  For when I saw the boasters with such wealth and prosperity, I became jealous over their smug security.  Indulging in whatever they wanted, going where they wanted, doing what they wanted, and with no care in the world, no pain, no problems—they seemed to have it made.They lived as though life would never end.  They didn’t even try to hide their pride and opulence.  Cruelty and violence are parts of their lifestyle.  Pampered and pompous, vice oozes from their souls; they overflow with vanity.  They’re such snobs—looking down their noses.  They even scoff at God!  They are nothing but bullies threatening God’s people.  They are loudmouths with no fear of God, pretending to know it all—windbags full of hot air, impressing only themselves.  Yet the people keep coming back to listen to more of their nonsense.  They tell their cohorts, “God will never know.  See, he has no clue of what we’re doing.”  These are the wicked ones I’m talking about!  They never have to lift a finger, living a life of ease while their riches multiply.  Have I been foolish to play by the rules and keep my life pure?  Here I am suffering under your discipline day after day.  I feel like I’m being punished all day long.  If I had given in to my pain and spoken of what I was really feeling, it would have sounded like unfaithfulness to the next generation.  When I tried to understand it all, I just couldn’t.  It was too puzzling—too much of a riddle to me.  But then one day I was brought into the sanctuaries of God, and in the light of glory, my distorted perspective vanished. Then I understood that the destiny of the wicked was near!  They’re the ones who are on the slippery path, and God will suddenly let them slide off into destruction to be consumed with terrors forever!  It will be an instant end to all their life of ease; a blink of the eye and they’re swept away by sudden calamity!  They’re all nothing more than momentary monarchs— soon to disappear like a dream when one awakes.  When the rooster crows, Lord God, you’ll despise their life of fantasies.

Psalm 73:1-20 (TPT)

Focusing our attention and energy on people, places, and things that act in direct opposition to God’s will does nothing but confuse and frustrate you, focus on you and God’s Word for you - the what should be for your life and build toward it. We often get diverted from the pathway for our life and life more abundantly by envying and seeking shortcuts or pathways destined for or derived by others.  Get over them, people, places, and things of your life that appear to be prospering and doing so at the demise of others or by gaining wrongly, God is not pleased and they will soon be cut down.  The shortcuts to your prosperity of life and life more abundantly never work, you will not be prepared to hold on to and expand your abundance, but the process, difficult as it may be, prepares and equips you for the exceedingly abundantly more. Free Yourself from others and allow God’s intervention and transcendence to your life and experiences prevail to Open Up The Way to your promises fulfilled for your life and life more abundantly!


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