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And before her twin sons were born, God spoke to Rebekah and said: “The oldest will serve the youngest.” God spoke these words before the sons had done anything good or bad, which proves that God calls people not on the basis of their good or bad works, but according to his divine purpose.

Romans 9:11-12 (TPT)

You Better Than This not because of how good and wonderful you are but instead because of God’s divine purpose for your life.  Know that before you were ever thought of, God had already done so and called you to fulfill His purpose and plan.  Therefore, you need not let the guilt and shame imposed on you by others or self-imposed rule, let God’s choosing you rule.  Because God has chosen you, get up and break the gates of your life, engaging and overcoming your external and internal challenges to press your way forward and upward, despite your shortcomings and adversities, to Open Up The Way to life and life more abundantly!


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