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All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes;

but the LORD weigheth the spirits.

Commit thy works unto the LORD,

and thy thoughts shall be established.

Proverbs 16:2-3

As Chosen by God we live not for our glory, revelation, or plans but instead for God’s, He is our Creator and thus the orchestrator of our lives and plans. God has laid out our pathway, it is ordered so as to fulfill His promises to us and for our life and life more abundantly. Therefore, the best way for us to walk according to God’s promises fulfilled for our lives is to see ourselves not as who we are now and/or through what we are experiencing and/or our present-day capacity but instead through the eyes of the Creator-God. God has designed and ordained our lives for the fulfillment of His promises, He has Chosen you to see yourself as He does, in a Most Favored Status. Commit your ways, your life, to uncovering and fulfilling God’s promises and in so doing reveal Him and His faithfulness in and through you!

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