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We cross the threshold of true knowledge when we live in obedient devotion to God. Stubborn know-it-alls will never stop to do this, for they scorn true wisdom and knowledge. Pay close attention, my child, to your father’s wise words and never forget your mother’s instructions. For their insight will bring you success, adorning you with grace-filled thoughts and giving you reins to guide your decisions.

Proverbs 1:7-9 (TPT)

The wisdom of God our Father cannot be compared to the chaos and difficulties of life and its challenges. God has insight; has a view inside of life and its challenges and therefore because He is the Creator of all things as well as the beginning and end, He knew and knows. Develop your personal and intimate relationships with God and allow Him to lead and guide you, giving you insight. You are God’s child and it is His good pleasure as your Father to ensure you have access and exposure to everything that will equip you to engage and overcome to inherit His promises of life and life more abundantly, it is your Most Favored Status.


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