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Also at that time, people will say, "Look at what's happened! This is our God! We waited for him and he showed up and saved us! This God, the one we waited for! Let's celebrate, sing the joys of his salvation.

Isaiah 25:9 (MSG)

Life’s challenges seek to position us in a state of depression; depressing our strength by making us believe that there is no way out of our circumstances and an impossibility of us achieving what can and should be for our lives. It is in this state of depression that can make you feel alone, which very well may slip into loneliness unless we declare that God is the strength of our lives and that He, including His Word of promises for our life and life more abundantly, is forever with us. Our celebration of God, His Word, His presence in our lives raises our hope, expectations of God intervening, whether we deserve it or not because of who He is and our desire for Him to be active in our lives. As we desire God, diligently seeking after Him, calling and/or crying out to Him, God responds by providing us New Mercies, showing His compassion and love to lift us out of depressed states. As we arise from depression, we are positioned to Breathe: New Life into our experiences and experience joy, the celebration of who God is and what He is doing with and for us!


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