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I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.

I believed, therefore have I spoken: I was greatly afflicted:

Psalm 116:9-10

Life is not easy and neither is the drive to your promise of life and life more abundantly. You and I must be determined, exercise the Power Of Self-Determination by forging our way, making our way through life’s challenges and obstacles to that which should be, the life and life more abundantly promised by God. What you believe God has promised, God’s Word to you is your motivation, put it to work in driving you and your actions through life to His promises. God does nothing by happenstance or accident, it is all Divinely ordered. If God spoke it to you, He meant to accomplish it through you. Use God’s Word of life for you to drive you, exercise the Power Of Self-Determination in your life and live, Catch The Wind of God’s Spirit and drive it to your place of life and life more abundantly!

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