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Oh, the joys of those who do not follow evil men’s advice, who do not hang around with sinners, scoffing at the things of God. But they delight in doing everything God wants them to, and day and night are always meditating on his laws and thinking about ways to follow him more closely. They are like trees along a riverbank bearing luscious fruit each season without fail. Their leaves shall never wither, and all they do shall prosper.

Psalm 1:1-3

Avoid the traps of life that challenges and erects obstacles to your life and life more abundantly by creating a culture of discipline to and for your life, leveraging the Power of Staying Connected to God. The cultural of disciple that empowers disciples to live in the promises of God for your life and life more abundantly resides in our willingness and availability to God’s leading and guiding our footsteps, Catch The Wind. To Catch The Wind of God’s Spirit that is purposed to order your steps for the fulfillment of Good’s promises requires our developing and nurturing a disciple of discernment. Stop taking life as it is or from counsel that leads to destruction, seek wise counsel from God and discern the difference between what appears to be or is a good idea, decision, action from a God idea, decisions, actions in which you should rely. Choosing God’s way is your pathway to life and life more abundantly, delight in God and His way and you will produce and be fruitful and multiply in that which should be for your life. It is God who gives us the power to create, produce, be fruitful and multiply, determined by His Word of life designed and spoken for you and Catch The Wind, His Spirit which has been given to get to your place of what should be, your life and life more abundantly promised!

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