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His seed shall be mighty upon earth:

the generation of the upright shall be blessed.

Wealth and riches shall be in his house:

and his righteousness endureth for ever.

Psalm 112:2-3

Live and Enjoy for it is our inheritance as the righteous of God. The righteous of God are those who diligently seek to LIVE according to God’s purpose and plan and God rewards them with the exceedingly, abundantly, more than they can ever ask or think by the power that worketh within them. We have a promise from God that if we are willing to LIVE in God’s purpose and plan, despite and in spite of the circumstances of life, that God will grant unto us that which we need and more with eternal life, life and life more abundantly, in the here and now as well as forever. God blesses those who would take the leap of faith, believing and acting on God’s purpose and plan for their lives by rewarding us with whatever and more is necessary to fill our house and with His righteousness, inclining his ear to us forever to LIVE and do so abundantly, to Live and Enjoy!


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